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The Patient Safety Act will dramatically improve patient safety in Massachusetts hospitals by setting a safe maximum limit on the number of patients assigned to a nurse at one time, while providing flexibility to hospitals to adjust nurses’ patient assignments based on specific patient needs.

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Mary Ellen Castagno of Wayland: ‘Yes’ on 1

Wayland Town Crier: I am sure by now that many of you have seen the three advertisements sponsored by the Massachusetts chapter of the American Nurses Association (ANA) with backing from the Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association supporting a “no” vote. The advertisement is deceptive and contains a lot of misinformation and scare tactics to confuse the public. Right out of the gate, the public should be aware that the nurses in the ANA advertisements are administrators dressed in scrubs and not bedside nurses. With that said, how would they know what’s best for the patient?

Weymouth Senator and Registered Nurses Expose Hospital Executives as Real Opponents of Question 1 following Truth Tour Outside South Shore Hospital

Press Release: Massachusetts hospital executives are the true opponents of Question 1, running an industry that posts more than $1 billion in profits, hoards $1 billion in offshore tax havens, and spends millions more on ads that deceive voters about Question 1, paid for using public funds

Forum Addresses Disinformation In Upcoming Election Ballot Questions

Cape Cod Chronicle: At the cultural center on Sunday afternoon, Lower Cape Indivisible and several other local organizations sponsored a forum on disinformation, a word coined during the cold war that refers to the deliberate dissemination of wrong or distorted information. Speakers were invited to talk about three initiatives that will appear on the ballot in November which are vulnerable to disinformation campaigns: nurse-patient assignment limits; an amendment to the U.S. Constitution about corporate financing in politics; and a ban on discrimination against transgender people.

Letter to the editor: RN supports Question 1

Gardner News: I am a registered nurse working on the medical surgical unit at Heywood Hospital. I hope to shed some light on Question 1 and why actual bedside nurses are for it. I do not see this as a political issue but rather a human issue, a patient right issue and a patient safety issue. Right now there is no maximum number of patients hospitals can assign a nurse. We can have as many as they want to assign us. The hospital uses a number grid that does not look at how sick or critical a patient is (acuity), they just see you, the patient, as a number.

Hospital executives continue to threaten and deceive voters with latest ad

Press release: Ad makes completely false claims about the impact of Safe Patient Limits on Emergency Departments; Committee to Ensure Safe Patient Care calls on media outlets to take the ad down

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