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The Patient Safety Act will dramatically improve patient safety in Massachusetts hospitals by setting a safe maximum limit on the number of patients assigned to a nurse at one time, while providing flexibility to hospitals to adjust nurses’ patient assignments based on specific patient needs.

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Analysis estimates nurse question costs at $35M to $47M

State House News Service: Nine Massachusetts hospitals already meet the staffing requirements proposed under a ballot question that would cap the number of patients assigned to one nurse, and would not incur extra costs if the proposal passes, according to an analysis by a Boston College professor that tallied the initiative’s annual cost at between $35 million and $47 million.

Nurses group says staffing proposal would carry few costs for hospitals

Patient safety advocates gather in Worcester to continue exposing real source of opposition to Question 1 with the Truth Tour

Press Release: Hospital executives spend millions more on deceptive ads instead of patient safety, all while taking public funds, posting over $1 billion in profits, and hoarding over $1 billion in offshore tax havens

New Study Finds Hospital Executives Grossly Exaggerating Cost of Question 1

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Press Release: Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association data shows Question 1 would cost Massachusetts acute care hospitals less than $47 million.

Coalition against nurse ratio ballot question outspends backers by ‘millions’

Boston Business Journal: The hospital-backed campaign urging voters to oppose a ballot question that would set limits on how many patients nurses can oversee at hospitals says it’s spent “millions” on advertising, dwarfing the $450,000 that supporters say they’ve spent.

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