‘Yes’ on Questions 1, 4

Greenfield Recorder:  On Nov. 6, voters have the opportunity to vote on two important questions regarding health care. I am voting YES on Questions 1 and 4. Question 1 would limit the number of patients assigned to a nurse in our hospitals and health care facilities.

Nurses are responsible for many critical aspects of a patient’s health with much to keep track of. If they have too many patients there is the potential for mistakes. A few years ago my partner was discharged to rehab with the wrong doses of two of his meds and another was not listed. Fortunately, I caught the mistakes.

If nurses have a manageable number of patients, they are able to pay more attention to all the details of each patient they are responsible for, resulting in better care and fewer mistakes. I believe the costs touted by corporate interests are inflated and trust the union’s analysis. Patient’s lives are at stake.

Question 4 — Medicare for All, is a single-payer health insurance plan that would cover everyone in Massachusetts with no premiums, deductibles, co-pays or co-insurance. No pre-approval needed to see any doctor in this plan nor would you have to be part of a specific network.

Insurance premiums would be replaced on your paystub by a 2.5 percent payroll tax and employers would be paying much less than they are now. There are many more specifics but basically this is far more cost effective than the crazy quilt of insurance coverage we have now and would be eliminating the middle man, which ties in with Question 1 and health care costs. It is similar to the Canadian health insurance plan and is working well there. This is a non-binding question for our area but a YES vote could help move this forward. to becoming a reality.

Dorothy McIver

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