‘Yes’ on Question 1

Arlington Advocate: As a potential patient (like all of us), I am very concerned about the cutbacks in nursing staffs in health care facilities as an “economy measure.” Curiously, there has been no attention to the growth in health care administrators salaries now reaching into the seven figures.

Unfortunately, hospitals have not responded to calls from many groups (including the Mass Nurses Association) to make sure there is adequate nursing coverage for the last 20 years. If they had, there would be no reason for a ballot question.

Like all readers, I am a potential patient and will expect and need adequate nursing care. Squeezing health care dollars by reducing the number of nurses or replacing them with aides with limited training will negatively effect everyone in need of healthcare (which will be everyone eventually).

It is important to note that as CEOs are whittling away at nursing staffs, their salaries have increased dramatically reaching seven figures at large hospitals. At the same time, they have $13.3 million to campaign against adequate nursing ratios while the Mass Nursing Association has barely enough to get on TV.

CEOs and their staff are circulating scary statistics (non include CEO salaries). Please take the time to consult the Mass Nurses Association website for an alternative view.

For the good of all recipients of medical care present and future, I am voting “yes” and urge others to do so too.

Jo Anne Preston, Mystic Lake Drive

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