Question 1: ‘Change will happen either way’

Daily Hampshire Gazette: Re: the letter dated Oct. 23 (“Zahourek, Tierney, Rohan & Bright: We’re RNs voting ‘no’ on Question 1. Here’s why.”). My thoughts: I don’t think we disagree with their logic, but I disagree with their solution … wait for a different fix.

If this bill passes and is too restrictive, you can bet administrators will make more of an effort to find a better solution. Further, the “fear factors” put out over this proposal are not facts. The bill leaves room for reason. The problem comes in when people without reason (or with bias) are the interpreters. Is status quo good enough for administration because it’s in their favor? Change will happen either way whether or not THIS bill passes. The momentum has started, and administration will need to actually address these long-standing issues to try to make the changes they prefer while placating the nurses to avoid something they really do not want. Why not work together? Vote YES.

Linda Langlais

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