Annette Pfannebecker: A ‘Yes’ on Question 1

Greenfield Recorder: Here is why I am voting “Yes” on Question 1. We have a chance to make our hospital experience safer by voting with the nurses. The hospital association has single-handedly funded the No on Question 1 campaign. They are trying to confuse people into voting against their own best interests. The hospital association is spending millions of dollars trying to deceive voters.

The facts are that nurses have been raising red flags for years because patients have been suffering with inadequate care. The quality of patient care is being sacrificed with each additional patient a nurse is caring for at one time. We have seen nurses leave the profession because of the stress. Being a nurse and knowing you cannot help someone the way they need help because you had too many patients to care for at one time, is extremely difficult.

Our nurses know there is a serious problem here. They are asking for our help. Help a nurse help you. We can no longer wait for the hospital executives to provide the best possible care for our most vulnerable, sick family members and friends.

We can stand up with our nurses. We can vote “Yes” on Question 1 for safe patient limits, for a standard of care for all. So no nurse needs to leave work in despair and stressed because of what they could not do. Let our nurses provide the care they signed up to do.

Annette Pfannebecker

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