Voting ‘yes’ on Question 1

Greenfield Recorder: I am a retired nurse, and I’m definitely voting Yes on Question 1. People seem to be confused about this ballot initiative because lawn signs and commercials are contradictory: Nurses say ‘yes’ on Question 1, or Nurses vote ‘no’ on 1.

No on 1 campaign engaging in fearmongering

Daily Hampshire Gazette: A lot of misinformation is being circulated by the No on 1 campaign. Ive been a hospital bedside RN for more than 30 years. Nearly all bedside RNs I know support Question One. We know that we, and you, are being lied to.

Dr. Marty Nathan: Vote ‘yes’ on Question 1

Daily Hampshire Gazette: I have been a physician for over 40 years, and that accumulated experience tells me that good patient care depends on good nursing care. I fully support Question 1, the Patient Safety Act, because it gives nurses, the key players in our health system, adequate time and support to do their difficult jobs in the way they have been trained and gives patients the care they deserve.

‘Yes’ on Questions 1, 4

Greenfield Recorder:  On Nov. 6, voters have the opportunity to vote on two important questions regarding health care. I am voting YES on Questions 1 and 4. Question 1 would limit the number of patients assigned to a nurse in our hospitals and health care facilities.

Letter: Question 1 supports nurses on front lines

Berkshire Eagle: As you drive around Berkshire County you will see signs with a large “Yes or a large “No.” These signs relate to Question 1 on the ballot on Nov. 6. Are Berkshire County nurses in favor or opposed to public question 1? That requires a little fact-checking.

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