Nurse advocates for Patient Safety Act support

Sentinel & Enterprise: I support the Patient Safety Act, a November 2018 ballot measure establishing safe maximum limits on the number of patients assigned to a nurse at one time. As a registered nurse for 27 years at the bedside, currently at HealthAlliance in Leominster for the past 11 years, I have had experience trying to care for too many patients at one time. It was exhausting, dangerous, and goes against our best science as well as common sense.

Thompson: Vote yes in November to ensure safe nurse/patient limits

Leominster Champion: I’m writing to reach my neighbors regarding the Patient Safety Act, as both a concerned registered nurse and a proud Leominster resident. The proposed ballot initiative would place safe limits on the amount of patients assigned to a nurse at one time.

Listen to nurses not executives

The Recorder: In California, where there is a law limiting the number of patients assigned to nurses, no hospitals have closed, patient outcomes have dramatically improved, there are no increased bottlenecks and the retention rate of nurses is second to none.

Safe staffing for nurses

The Recorder: Today’s patients are sicker and much more complex, and no one has ever been admitted to a hospital and felt there were enough nurses. 

Letter to the editor: Mandated nurse-to-patient ratios reduces death rate

The Sun Chronicle: I am writing regarding a Massachusetts ballot initiative regarding safe patient limits for nurses. As a nurse who worked for 40 years in a major teaching hospital in Boston, I can speak with authority about present day patient acuity in the hospital setting.

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