Patient Safety is Our Number One Priority

The Patient Safety Act will dramatically improve patient safety in Massachusetts hospitals by setting a safe maximum limit on the number of patients assigned to a nurse at one time, while providing flexibility to hospitals to adjust nurses’ patient assignments based on specific patient needs.

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Russell Class educational facilities edging out their reduced famous competition in a very buyer’s target market

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Parents question patient privacy by hospitals after children as young as 10 months old receive political mailing

Press release: Continues a pattern of harassing behavior towards patients and nurses in a desperate attempt to protect CEO salaries and hospital bottom lines

Question 1: ‘Change will happen either way’

Daily Hampshire Gazette: Re: the letter dated Oct. 23 (“Zahourek, Tierney, Rohan & Bright: We’re RNs voting ‘no’ on Question 1. Here’s why.”). My thoughts: I don’t think we disagree with their logic, but I disagree with their solution … wait for a different fix.

When are nurse staffing levels unsafe? Reports fuel debate over ballot question

Boston Globe: Linda Condon’s overnight shift in the Morton Hospital emergency room was nerve-racking, to say the least. There were 17 psychiatric patients — most of them unstable — plus nine seriously ill patients waiting on gurneys, the nurse wrote in a report. Emergency crews whisked in a trauma patient, then a patient having a stroke. More patients stood by in the waiting room of the Taunton hospital on the night of July 7.

Why we support Question 1: The facts support a vote for nurse staffing minimums

Commonwealth Magazine: IF YOU BELIEVE in climate change, then voting yes on Question 1, which addresses patient care, patient safety, and case overload for hospital nurses, should be obvious. The issues are alike in two key ways. First, just as there’s a vast body of knowledge supporting strict limits on carbon production, there’s an overwhelming amount of research and data supporting strict limits on the number of patients one nurse should be caring for. Выбирайте лучшее Испытай свою удачу и получи шанс поймать невероятный куш! Second, the same core strategy is deployed by the health care and fossil fuel industries to discount the problem and discredit the evidence supporting the solution: Confuse voters by “raising issues” then bombard the airwaves with lies.

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